Our Philosophy

What's this all about?

Startups and VCs are typically concerned with the same types of data: companies, people, investors & financing rounds. But it's hard to find a singular source of truth when it comes to startup data.

Founders typically keep track of their investor lists in their own separate google sheet or airtable. There are hundreds of thousands of founders each year adding the same information to lightweight CRMs detailing investors by target stage, sector, investment size, lead or follow, their role at the firm, their linkedin profiles, etc.

Similarly, investors are all duplicating their own internal information about startups and founders, like website urls, year founded, sector, the company's founders and their experience, number of employees, office locations, etc.

What if we could collaboratively maintain a set of structured information and make it accessible via a single public API?

Wait, another one?

We know what you're thinking. Crunchbase, Pitchbook, AngelList, Prequin, etc. — these solutions already exist! Why on earth would anyone want another startup database?

And to an extent, you'd be right, there are quite a few existing tools that attempt to provide this startup data. But the problem is, they were all built in a web 2.0 world with a web 2.0 business model that has one fundamental flaw — all the existing services need to act as data gatekeepers to protect their profits at the expense of their users.

In practice, this means the vast majority of data is paywalled & inaccessible, not exportable, inaccurate, and not interoperable with other applications.

Despite this trend, we believe there is a shift occurring where people are choosing to participate in new networks — web3 collectives, if you will — that are built on new economic models that put data ownership back in user's hands — facilitating data portability & interoperabilty and empowering a global community to cultivate data as a public good.

This is the core of our mission at Community Data.

On The Horizon

We're be peeling back layers of the onion in the coming months. Until then, stay tuned to the following web 2.0 social platform — for now, we're working on replacing that too 😀

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