Privacy Policy

Community Data Labs, Inc. ("Community Data", the "Company") is an open-data platform developed for the benefit of the broader startup ecosystem. We provide a suite of traditional and programmatic interfaces (the "Website", "API", collectively "Services") to allow startup founders, employees, companies, and investors to create comprehensive profiles to enhance discovery and interaction within the startup community.

We encourage community members to contribute to our open-database based on knowledge they have about companies or people or using publicly available information. This privacy policy explains how we collect this information and more generally how a user may interact with the platform.

Company & People Profiles

The core object models that exist on the platform are for a Company (organization or equivalent) and a Person. The community can contribute information about each model, such as financing rounds, investors, office locations, news articles, and other structured information that we then in turn make available via our web/mobile applications and application programming interfaces.

Person: For people records, this information is always expanding but may include your work experiences and related work functions, education, skills, associated locations, investments, etc... we will include available open metadata on Person profile pages to further detail which the information. This information is submitted by community members as understood based on their own personal knowledge (e.g. you may add your own information, or a co-worker or friend may add that you worked at a company, made an investment, are based in a certain city, or started a company).

Company: For company records, this information is always expanding but may include financing rounds, investors, links to news articles, office locations, new features, etc... will will include available open metadata on Company profile pages to further detail the information. his information is submitted by community members as understood based on their own personal knowledge (e.g. you may add information about a Company you started, or an employee may add office locations, an officer in the company may add investments received, etc...).

User Accounts

User accounts are the primary mechanism through which contributions are made to the platform. Separate to People profiles, anyone can register for a User Account. Users currently only have the ability to maintain People and Company profiles that they own. The concept of profile "ownership" is made via confirmation of a set of 3rd party accounts that would otherwise confirm a user's affiliation and identity.

Cookies & 3rd Party Data

We believe strongly in the values of privacy and transparency. We generally do not leverage cookies within our Services with the exception of facilitating the Services associated with User Account functionality, including login, registration, and basic session management. As with any other common website that utilizes cookies for authentication, you can disable or delete cookies via your browsers native functionality.

Children under the age of 16

We do not knowingly collect or solicit Personal Data from children under 16. If you are a child under 16, please do not attempt to register for or otherwise use the Service or send us any Personal Data. If we learn we have collected Personal Data from a child under 16, we will delete that information as quickly as we are able. If you believe a child under the age of 16 might have provided the Service with their Personal Data, please contact us at the email address in the Contact section below.

California Residents

Data Access Requests

You have the right to request more information about the Personal Data we hold about you and request a copy of such Personal Data by emailing the Contact email below.

Deletion Requests

You have the right to request that we delete any Personal Data submitted to your Person Profile or User Account. To exercise any Data Access or Data Deletion requests, you must send us a request that (1) provides adequate information that enables us to verify you are the person associated with any Personal Data on the platform, and (2) describes your request in adequate detail to allow us to evaluate and respond to the request. Each request that meets both of these criteria will be considered a valid request and we will do everything we possibly can to comply with your request. We might not respond to requests that do not meet these criteria. We will only use Personal Data provided in a Valid Request to verify you and complete your request. You do not need an account to submit a Valid Request.

We will work to respond to your Valid Request within 45 days of receipt. We will not charge you a fee for making a Valid Request unless your Valid Request(s) is excessive, repetitive, or manifestly unfounded. If we determine that your Valid Request warrants a fee, we will notify you of the fee and explain that decision before completing your request.

You may submit a request using the contact email below.


If you have additional questions, please email us at

Last updated: December 2021